Monday, August 12, 2013

End of summer sale....

Here I am back at the store - after a quiet almost month off involving much reading, no clay, lots of sketching and thinking and quite a bit of manual labour in the backyard.

It feels like the right time to clear out the store while I get new listings ready to put in it.  I've having a 30% off sale on everything in the store up till next Monday.  If you buy more that 50$ worth of goods, I'll refund you the shipping too....refunded to you via PayPal after the purchase.  I will be adding a few more things this week as well.  No pods until next week....sorry!

Here are couple of previews for new work coming next week:

I have some sets of pods for next week - this is one of them!

Some tranparentish sets of Pardo headpins - similar in construction to my butterfly beads but much smaller....

I've started to see some posts on Flickr showing people trying my hollow technique - do you know how exciting this is?  Thank you to anyone who does me the honour of trying it out.....

Oh, and the coupon for the store to get the 30% discount is: