Thursday, December 5, 2013

Can’t deny it’s winter!

But I can try!
2 weeks ago I was raking and bundling the leaves from these trees in 60 degrees F and thinking what a wonderful fall it was…NOW, we have this, and 4 more inches on top.  Two days ago it was –20 Celsius ( or –4 F!)….talk about a quick change!  Now we are skiing again!


Now that I’m looking 4 months of winter in the face, I just want to post a few last glorious photos of autumn in all its intensity – it’s really that I’ll be missing the color!  I suppose I’ll just have to make do with the boxes of color in my studio between skiing expeditions.  Here are a few shots from our last fall walk in Gatineau Park…

            IMG_0007                           IMG_0010

They’ve mowed the fields to make them ready to become cross country ski trails – the mountain bike trails will be smaller classic ski trails.

           IMG_0012                    IMG_0016      

Across the flat and up the slopes…

                  IMG_0010-001                      IMG_0033

Glorious color and shadow everywhere

                 IMG_0023                              IMG_0038-001

 Stopping to look at stuff…sometimes it’s hard to move forward!

               IMG_0030-002                             IMG_0056 

Fern and bark


Something dried and wonderful and wintery…not sure what the plant is though


In the middle of the forest with long afternoon shadows…


Bad long shot, it was as close as I could get…nevertheless, I like the bad horror movie intensity of this photo!



      IMG_0021        IMG_0024           IMG_0020

A doe and her two clunky fauns…closest I’ve ever been..


And suddenly, we were too much for them…understandably!


And here’s my last burst of color for the winter….I’ll have to enjoy a subtler palette for a few months. 

Back soon with some new work!