Wednesday, July 31, 2013

In my hands!

This has been an exciting vacation week - we regraded around the house ourselves ( those teenagers were very helpful with the wheelbarrow and shovel and my son discovered a passion for laying interlock brick in fancy patterns and using a tamping machine....):  we even redid our tiny little patio in the backyard. In the midst of many trips to the rental store and the RenoDépôt for tampers, brick saws, interlock, crushed stone, topsoil, garden soil and grass seed, I saw what I've been waiting for peeking out of our mailbox........this!!!!

Polymer Clay Global Perspectives by Cynthia Tinapple

Thank you, Cynthia!  It's wonderful....everything I hoped for and more!  In case I haven't been tooting my own horn enough these last months ( difficult to do when you have slid away from blogging...), I have a whole chapter to myself in this book under the mixed media heading, with my good friend Christine Damm (Stories they tell) beside me.  I am demonstrating my hollow bead technique - a teaser demo!  The full and complete tutorial will be out in the 3rd week of August showing much more that you can do with this technique.
My other good friend Genevieve Williamson of Jibby and Juna is also in the book.  This is all so exciting!  Now that the construction work is done, we can sit down and really look at and read the book from cover to cover.

Note the interlock under Rachel's feet - and the old weathered patio stone on the border (had to use it up, it had a 40 year old finish on it!).  Hey Mum, this is a really great polymer book....

Hey wait....there's a lot of stuff about you in here....5 or 6 pages at least....hey, those are your hands!  (Didn't tell my family much about it either....)

This is great, Mum - good for you!

Now all I can say is thank you again to our fearless leader, Cynthia Tinapple.  And after this post on Polymer Clay Daily, I'm just sorry I didn't think to put polymer as extra decoration in between  my interlock bricks!  Instead, I was inexplicably drawn to an expensive product which we tamped in called 'polymeric sand',  Hmm....wonder why?