Tuesday, August 7, 2012

30-40-50 sale and a celebration giveaway!

                   giveaway August sale1
                          This collage features GIVEAWAY #1
I'm coming to the end of my necessarily unproductive summer, filled as it is with childish frolicking and short vacations here and there.  Also some teenage moaning about not knowing what to do....a first for this family!  Admittedly, the continuous heat has sapped our enthusiasm for endless outdoor stuff, except for biking over to the nearest public pool and jumping in as quickly as possible.  We have one more week of vacation and then my two will have to start practicing in earnest for late summer and early fall auditions, and get mentally ready to start the new school year which begins on August 30.  Music school starts on the 21st of August, if they are accepted!  Toooo early.......
I have a lot of new work to list in the store and it seems to me there is rather a lot of older ( but hopefully still interesting?) work in there that's been around too long for my taste.  I'd like to clear some of this out in preparation for the newer stuff so this would be the time to buy if you've seen something you like but thought it was 'a bit dear', as my mum would say!
Here's how the sale will run, for 3 days only !
Thursday, August 9th, 30% off all items in the shop (use coupon 345august9 to receive 30% off )
Friday, August 10th, 40% off all items in the shop (use coupon 345august10 to receive 40% off)
Saturday, August 11th, 50% off all items in the shop (use coupon 345august11 to receive 50% off)
All purchased items will be shipped out the following Monday and anything left from sale items will be moved to a permanent sale category ( of 30% off) in the shop.

                               giveaway August sale
                               This collage features GIVEAWAY #2

The giveaways are to celebrate reaching 1000 admirers in my Etsy shop and the amazing number of blog followers I seem to have.  Seems like yesterday when I had absolutely NONE!  All you have to do is comment on this blog (on this post, if you wouldn’t mind…) and I will enter your name in the hat to win one of the 2 giveaways featured on this post. The centre photo in each collage shows the total collection – focal beads, experiments and other good stuff.

I’ll be making the draws on Thursday, August 16, so you’ve got 9 days to enter the draw!  Good luck!

I wish you all the best, the most relaxing final weeks of summer…..