Saturday, April 7, 2012

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone!   And here's hoping that you find all your eggs wherever you've hidden them! We're having a quiet family Easter with the absent (posted ) parent here in the flesh! Couldn't possibly miss the 'hunt', so of course I bought far too much chocolate...but, who cares? I just love watching them race around and squabbling as they go.  Am reasonably certain that my son will be asking for the 'hunt' into his twenties! (That's another ten years...)


 Some almost eggs for you?

No, not really....just a sucker for texture and color.
Have a good rest everyone - eat a lot of chocolate and get back to work next week with a clear conscience.  You earned the rest, and this perfect weather is your reward...well, it's perfect here at  least!  Sorry if you are enduring the perfect storm....