Wednesday, January 18, 2012

New Year.....Resolve?

Since it is January and I've been surrounded by movement and large changes for six weeks, I've had many occasions (while being away from this computer and the work I love to do..) to ponder the word resolve.  A word with many subtle variations of meaning, I do find.  I'm going slowly with picking up the strings in the new year, and there seem to be many of them hanging loose, some requiring massive repairs and others dangling in front of me pointing in different exciting directions.  To the point where I have been overwhelmed.  But...a small creative task per day slipped in with the others that must be done is the right path.

Since I am surrounded by music every day (both kids play in various groups and orchestras, bassoon and violin) I took particular note of the musical meaning of resolve:
'to progress from a dissonance to a consonance.'

Dissonance:  A simultaneous combination of tones conventionally accepted as being in a state of unrest and needing completion.  Incongruous, lacking harmony of parts.
Consonance:  a simultaneous combination of tones conventionally accepted as being in a state of repose.  Accord, agreement, harmony.
I want to progress from one state to the other - knowing full well that in life, as in music, it is a continuous process.  After all, that's what makes the tension and contrast in life and keeps it interesting!  But oh, I could use some completion...and harmony!
Practically speaking,in my home life and creative life this means:  Make sure the family has what it needs. Take one half hour each morning to consider.....(a big one that) Take small steps, each one completed before the next one is started.  Write down the process,  so things may be repeated.  Get sleep and take care of myself.  Less computer time.

Sorry to be away so long, it's been a long haul.  Can't leave without pictures...