Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My first (formal) sale...

Just to let you know that while I feel my way back into the work I'm exploring, I've decided to have my first sale on Etsy.  For real, official, for true, everything 20% off, until next Tuesday...and for anyone out there who reads my blog regularly, I'm going to steal the idea of the wonderful jibbyandjuna and offer you wonderful people a special coupon to use (should you be so inclined...) that will give you 25% off.  Just use 'SecretValentine2011' at checkout to get your discount.

At the moment, I'm still working on hollow bracelets and beads, and I'm looking for someone to test drive one of my split ring bracelets before I start to sell them.  You know, wear it, comment on it, possibly break it...that sort of thing.  I'd like to have some kind of idea of durability because it's possible that I'm too careful with them.  This is a sans cost opportunity (I would ship it to you), so just drop a comment if you'd be interested.  If there are more than a couple of comments, I'll draw for it.
  Some simple striped and etched beads.

Also this month, I've jumped into the 'Bead Soup Blog Party'. (Click the button at the bottom right for more information, should be a blast!)  This makes me confront my greatest insecurity .....putting stuff togther!  It is a great exercise, so be sure to check out everyone's results in February.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Thanks, Zibbet!

Happy New Year to all of you out there, who may have discovered this blog!  And thank you again for those who have taken the time to comment or drop me a line.  I love your participation.

I have a big thank you to send to Zibbet, who has made me their featured 'Zibbeter' this week!  You can check out the whole Zibbet site by clicking here , or click here to go directly to my interview.  (My, that  sounds so grand...)  Zibbet is  a young site with a lot of good ideas and it is constantly growing and improving.  They solicit feedback from members all the time and actually use it - novel idea, that!  They also respond to concerns or problems quickly...just go take a look.

I won't really be back to work until the 10th of January as the kids do go back to school until then - and meantime, here in the frozen north, we have NO snow to cross-country ski.  It all melted away in a rain storm last week.   Most unusual.  We are hoping for some tomorrow!