Monday, August 30, 2010

It's almost time!

The last gasp of summer is upon me and today we are off to the waterpark to slide.  This jaunt is very timely as the temperature is supposed to go up to 33 C today!  School starts on Wednesday and it's going to be a hot first day too.   No autumnally crisp first school day for this year!

I'm a bit saddened by the pathetically small amount of work I've mnanged to do this summer.  Except for a tiny bit of experimentation here and there, there simply hasn't been time with the number of trips we've done this summer (small trips requiring, it seems, VAST amounts of preparation!).  I've been trying, with some sucess, to train my children to be a bit more self reliant in the cooking, cleaning and preparation for activities department, with some success.  While also realizing that any lack of competence in this on their part is completely my fault - note - start training them early!

However, lots of ideas are percolating inside my head.  It remains to be seen if they can be dug out of the sludge.  I even fell down on the sketchbook documentation of said ideas.  I have enjoyed reading the blogs I follow when I had time to get on the computer (somehow, there is always time to check one's shop), and I salute you all on your regular blogging habits, and the great posts.  That small injection of the crafty life did a lot to help me feel connected.

Must go and get wet, but I will return, hopefully regularly, starting September 1st.  I leave you with pictures of a hollow bracelet I seem to have been working on ALL summer!  (And it shows in the overworking, too) .  It's on a pearl base and I've discovered I have a love/hate relationship with pearl clay.  When it's right for a project, it's great and when it's not -  it is purely and simply - incredibly tacky looking!

 Sorry about the number of shots.  Hard to find a good one, am out of practice!