Thursday, April 15, 2010

Finishing up

I did find a lot of abandoned work in my studio cleanup last week.  This week I was given an incentive to finish some of it.  My daughter plays violin in a small community orchestra ( the creation of her violin teacher) and I was asked to put forward some of my work to sell there after the concert.  Even knowing that I won't sell any/much of it was not a deterrent, so I used it as an excuse to face up to my pendant anxiety.

Pendants and I are not friends:  I see others creating beautiful pendants, well proportioned, lovely to hold, wonderful colour and design, a joy to wear, design following form and so on, but mine never seem to work out.  And that's really sad because if ever a material was made for pendants, it's polymer.  Perhaps that is the problem - you can do too much!  Too many choices...

I took my half finished work and dealt with it, and it does feel good.  I'm still weighing up the results, but in general, I 'm pleased.  There is definitely a fine line with pendants about too big and too small:  definitely easy to swing over the line in either direction.  But probably you just need to find the right person to wear a particular one.  I like pendants to be the kind of jewelry you sling around your neck and wear all the time and come to love because you play with them and warm them in your hand and forget you have them on...I've lost a couple of my favourites that way when the string broke (because I wore them so much) and I didn't even notice.

 And a disc one I'm not so sure about:
And my current fave because I like both sides (doesn't always happen...):

Sorry about the boring layout here - I have great difficulty in placing photos where I want them.  There must be an easier way but that would involve research and I only have time for polymer at the moment.

And it's good to remember that there is no shame in taking a while to finish something.  Finishing  is the hardest part of almost any process.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Cleaning therapy

I know I've mentioned before that I'm a less than stellar housekeeper.  There are exceptions to that, though, particularly when I'm cleaning my studio space.  A very particular pleasure....Yesterday I spent the afternoon cleaning and organizing my space and evaluating work in progress.  I had made 3 or 4 dozen sturdy origami boxes over the course of the last two weeks to help me organize all of my stuff.  And while doing that, I made myself decide whether to keep something (continue working with it) or pitch it!

It was an interesting process!  I found a lot of stuff that I had parked/abandoned while I flitted onto some other idea - not surprising as my polymer mind is definitely a bit flighty these days.  This is stuff that I will rework/finish.  Also, happily, I did find stuff to pitch, which tells me that I have grown a little in this medium, or I have at least determined ways that will not work for me.  It was also sobering to look at the work I have to do, but also a pleasure to be able to find everything in an instant!  I will keep it like this, I will!  It had reached the point that I couldn't concentrate on one thing because of the other ideas intruding from all sides.  Now they are safely in their boxes on their trays ranked by be tackled another time.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Choosing to challenge yourself

In yet another moment of madness, I decided to make a necklace for this month's Art bead scene challenge.  I could have been listing in my shop, or riding my bike or reading a good book - but no!  Having wrestled all day with this I finally have something I could add to the pool. There is some tremendous work there, go and look!  It's not even all polymer! Look here..

  I did find it helpful to try out some things I've been thinking about for a while.  The wonderful thing about ideas that you haven't attempted is that they are always pristine and perfect in your mind.  AND, they can stay that way like perfect small jewels in your brain until reality sets in (when you try it out) and you discover all the hideous flaws in your perfect scheme...then you just roll with it !  I'm getting better at not being disappointed and petulant.  Now I just keep trying.  This is how you learn a material.

This was the inspiration:  I love it...

This was what I made.  Just squeaked in by the skin of my teeth (timewise)!  It's a very literal interpretation, but you have to start somewhere.