Thursday, December 17, 2009

Prosaic and ecstatic...

It's taking me a while to get the hang of juggling all this stuff. But when I read through other blogs, I'm convinced it's worthwhile. I think I'll start adding to my notebook of everything yet one more thing - the passing thoughts that are the germ of some good to write about. I do have a couple of things to mention today, starting with the prosaic one.

This is a tool that I have started to use a lot in my polymer work. I'm a bit of a freak/geek about tools which is definitely a hangover from my glass career, where having quality tools was sooo important. ( And a source of much attitude and snobbery, as well!) With polymer, what tool you use leaves a direct mark on the clay and is usually there for ever, so the marks you choose to make say a lot about your creative voice and ideas. This is a long way to say that I find this particular tool useful in cutting down on the stodgy look that polymer sometimes presents (think - the 'squished' look). Think of this tool as a trimmer. It's very useful in tight places, very helpful in refining a final, tiny form.

Ecstatically, Polymer Clay Daily's Cynthia Tinapple has gone to the trouble of making great thumbnail links to the 'Making Connections' show coming up at the Synergy conference in February, 2010. My necklace is one of the pieces in the show! There is some wonderful work by artists I've admired for a long time. Check it out here! Thank you, as always, to Cynthia.

Have to finish trimming the tree with a polymer ornament. I'm such a mean parent - every year I force my children to make at least one ornament with me for the tree. I will say though, that they love working with clay.